Startup Weekend Redmond: Wrapup!


Hey everyone! Hope you had a great time – we certainly did as we put it on. Exhausting, of course, but oh-so-rewarding to see teams go from that Friday night pitch to a solid prototype and business plan by Sunday evening. We all feel so proud of you, having been part of your journey. Like proud parents!

Here are the weekend’s winners!

1st Place: Carpool Carma (twitter, website)

An application to make carpool management easy. It will be free to employees and sold to employers who are already incentivizing their employees to carpool today. Here’s their final pitch video and demo:

For first place, Carpool Carma received:

Who is Carpool Carma?

  • James Hatheway
  • April Kim
  • Nick Fitzer
  • Torsten Bittner
  • Ismail Robbana


2nd Place: Peaclo (twitterwebsite)

Peaclō = People, Activities, Locations. Peaclō is a mobile app connecting you to the outdoor activities you love. Find your experiences. Track your progress. Share your accomplishments. Here’s their final pitch video and demo:

For second place, Peaclō received:


3rd Place: Beat Machine (twitter, website)

[unfortunately, their twitter account has been marked as spam. That’ll be addressed shortly] Beat Machine is a mobile app creating beat-matched mixes at a user-specified BPM dynamically from the user’s music library. It also allows users without the music they need to buy pre-made mixes.

For third place, Beat Machine received:

Who is Beat Machine?

  • Hamish Hill
  • Yavor Georgiev
  • Pradeep Kadubandi
  • John Clifford


Runner Up: A Bed For Ted (twitter)

A Bed for Ted helps conference-goers get some use out of that empty bed in their hotel room.

For runner up, A Bed for Ted received:


Best Windows Phone Prototype (tie): Save Gramps (twitter, website)

Save Gramps is a Windows Phone game for kids that helps teach them math! Because their prototype was so good, they got a free Windows 7 Phone from Microsoft BizSpark. Here’s their final pitch video and demo:

Best Windows Phone Prototype (tie): HowBoutCoffee (twitter, website)

HowBoutCoffee is an app to make scheduling coffee really easy – because two people messing with their phones right in front of each other is just ridiculous! Software to the rescue! HowBoutCoffee had a great app, so they also got a free Windows 7 Phone from Microsoft BizSpark.


Other presentations: