Startup Weekend Redmond: The Teams!


Last night’s chaos of voting left us with 17 teams ready to vie for attendees with the skills they need! Two more got their teams staffed either without pitching at all, or by hustling to get folks on their team even though they didn’t get the votes to progress.

Without further ado, here they are:

  • Karpool Karma. An app addressing the pain of managing a carpool.
  • Beat Machine. Manage the energy of your workout with music – custom beat-matched high-energy mixes.
  • Builders Cloud. A marketplace for subcontractors, focused on services needed for construction projects.
  • Volunteer Around Me. Got a few minutes? Use this app to help you find a charitable use of your time, right now, near you.
  • Number Ninja. Now Save Gramps. A mashup of Fruit Ninja and Brain Age.
  • Eye Candy. Something about finding where the attractive women are.
  • I have no Idea Art. Using your smartphone to guide you through that art museum. They’ll find a better name.
  • Damn the Kardashians. Because we’re all sick of seeing ’em everywhere. A browser plugin to filter them out!
  • Dinner Uncomplicated/What to Cook. Kits with all you need to make a great meal – premarinated meat and everything! Or meal planning and shopping lists. We’ll see.
  • Count Me In. Fixing the problems with Groupon and the other deal sites. Friends using their social groups to get deals.
  • Pandora for News. Nuff said.
  • Pimp My Bed. Making conferences a bit cheaper by making use of that second bed in your conference hotel room.
  • Tracktivity. Finding outdoor activities, sharing them with your friends, and tracking them over time.
  • Small Town USA. Helping you explore nearby small communities – itineraries ready to rock!
  • Savvy Therapist. Making the drudgery of running a private practice easy.
  • How About Coffee? Because scheduling coffee is difficult. Especially in person, looking at that phone.
  • Craigslist 2.0. Upgrading Craigslist to make it more useful and more modern.
  • CrowdFunding. Using crowdsourcing/crowdfunding to help people.
  • You Value Me. Compensating users for the data various organizations want from them.

Watch the #SWRedmond hashtag to get the latest!